Our Policy

We are a business committed to working toward a brighter and better future, taking responsibility and conserving natural resources. Carbon awareness is an integral venue policy here, and reducing our total emissions at the pace and scale determined by the latest science is one of our top priorities.

What follows is a summary of all our efforts to mitigate our contribution as a business to the climate crisis and work towards carbon neutrality.


Studies show waste contributes 10-30% of an events carbon footprint. In an effort to reduce our venue’s waste and reach Net Zero, we implement the following practices:

All of our rubbish must be separated into glass, food, and cardboard and is then recycled.

We try not to use any single-use plastic. all of our straws and similar items are made out of paper. Again, this applies to plastic bottles, these are replaced with glass and cans.

Finally, all of our suppliers work hard to minimise waste too, so all of our produce comes in recyclable packaging.

Energy Efficiency

Most of our lighting is LED based in order to reduce our consumption and maximise efficiency. Our LED lights use up to 75% less energy than incandescent lighting rigs and last up to 25 times as long. We hope to have replaced all non-LED venue lighting with energy-saving alternatives by 2025.

Sourcing Our Produce

100% of our meat and poultry is sourced locally from within the UK. All animals are grass fed and free range. Our dairy produce is also locally sourced and we only work with suppliers who follow strict ethical and sustainable practices.

Transport Emissions

We are aware that transport emissions are the events industry’s biggest contributor (60%) and we’re doing our best to offset this. Being based in central London certainly helps. All of our guests are provided with details of public transport routes and encouraged to plan their journey ahead of time using more sustainable modes of transport. We also provide cycle storage and encourage staff and guests to utilise this as much as possible.

Our Costumes & Clothing

Bloomsbury ballroom provides in-house entertainment for which we need costumes. To reduce our consumption, we repurpose and recycle all our old clothing for any upcoming shows. We retain a strict buying policy, and if new items are required they are sourced locally. Finally, we plan to introduce a costume hire service which we hope will encourage venues like us to strive to be greener together!

Customers & Clients

We make sure all of our clients are made aware of our green initiatives and that they are encouraged to join in helping us achieve our environmental goals.

Not just this, but all employees are provided with the necessary training to fulfil our sustainability policy requirements and work in keeping with our green ethos.